Adding a gimbal to the DJI F450

One of the main thing we would like to do is create some cool movies with our quadcopter. There are plenty of cool examples on Youtube, with the team Black Sheep being trendsetter. We specially like the movie about the Maladives…..
So, the past few flights we’ve added our Contour HD to our frame. With Velcro, with tie-wraps, with tape…… al sorts of thing.

Yesterday we’ve added around 400 grams of weight to the quadcopter. We’ve had our first flight with landing legs and camera mount from
Still working on settings, the mount is too agile as you can see. Also still working with a Contour which is hanging from the mount, not the most stable solution. In fact, the low point of gravity will seriously influence the stability of the quad, so we still have to figure some balancing out.
Below the first simple flight with the gear (parts list listed below) after using some stabilization of Youtube.

Flame Wheel F450
Graupner E-prop 10-5″
Digitech X80 (aka IBM 2814Q) 750KV
Turningy nano-tech 5000mAh

155mm clearance landing legs VER2 ( (Jakub))
GoPro 2-axis gimbal for Landing Legs with a Contour HD ( (Jakub)) with Emax ES08MD Metal Digital Mirco Servo

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