Fat Shark Predator V2 RTF camera failure

review: Fat Shark Predator V2 RTF

A first review of the Fat Shark Predator V2 RTF for you guys.
By incorporating brand new LCD technology into a completely redesigned headset and bundling this with a camera & 5.8G TX, Fat Shark has lowered the entry price point for aspiring new FPV pilots. So, we’ve picked up one. From the start of this hobby this has been our goal.

Fat Shark Predator V2 RTF camera failure

Fat Shark Predator V2 RTF camera failure

After it arrived, we couldn’t resist in trying them out. And, amazing how easy they connected. And, (specialy if you are not used to anything better) the looked great!
So, on a rainy night we’ve installed the Fat Shark on our DJI Flame Wheel.

As said, the connectivity is simple. This is really plug and play. To power the camera and TX just connect the balancing wire of your lipo to the camera and off you go. Simple as that. The Goggles have a power supply of their own. A small 1000 mAh battery will give you plenty of power to fly longer than you will need a day.
This would be the moment then I guess to give a review of the camera quality, but sadly… as you can read on this blog, the first flight we put on the FPV set, we made a major crash with our Flame Wheel. Three broken arm, a broken ground plate and a broken ego. And, a broken camera (see image).
Stupidly this had nothing to do with the fact that we did our first FPV flight. It was simply a malfunction of our prop-adapters causing this crash. Back on topic. We’ve fixed the camera and were ready for our next attempt.

Today we’ve had the first flight. Boy oh boy. Happy as a little schoolboy. You can watch a thousand FPV movies on Youtube, but there is nothing that compares to flying yourself. Steering and controlling the quadcopter yourself pointing it in every direction. This I really can recommend to anyone….

The camera and the goggles held up wel. Okay, we have no comparison material. But, already in our first three flight we’ve gone further than we ever did before. Without FPV the quad will be almost impossible to judge in what direction it is flying, with FPV there are no limitations. Our spotter (always bring one, just in case!) couldn’t make out anymore whether we were going left or right….so the FPV did the trick.

Image quality was great. We flew at an open meadow but distance has never been a problem. We got a good solid image quality that even first time FPV flyers can fly pretty sharp to the edge. Good quality. First impression, worth the money!